For Customers

1.  Advising you on the correct timing to buy.
2. Advising the most suitable suppliers at a particular time for your     requirement taking into consideration the quality, price, lead time      etc.
3. Negotiating the globally most competitive price as per market      situation and demand.
4.  Ensuring the right quality, Timely shipment and correct document. 5.  Post sale technical support.
6. Updating you with most competitive offers in the market, stock       offers etc.
7. Providing real time market information for raw materials through      reliable sources.

For Suppliers

1. We help in developing markets for quality products of our Suppliers.
2. We offers multiple opportunities for Product Development,
     supporting their efforts at adding value. Eventually, we help
   suppliers to market those high quality products in established and     growing markets across the world.
3. We provide cushion to our supplier by negotiating with customers     regarding payment terms and other trade terms and ensuring them     timely payment from customer.
4. Continuously give feedback from customers regarding development     of products and to help them in developing new products based on      customerís specific requirements.
5. Provide market information time to time.

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